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Local Homeschool Page (Illinois homeschoolers)
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Much of the info here will be limited to the Chicagoland area, Western Suburbs in particular.  If you have a support group you'd like to list please let me know. 

Groups and organizations
We have a small play/support group with members mostly in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  But some come from the north, south, and as far away as near the Wisconsin border.  Email me if you'd like info on our meetings. 
Non-sectarian homeschooling group
Non-sectarian, state-wide homeschooling group.  Has regional meetings.

Free or inexpensive field trips
A reconstucted 1800 century farm.  Free self-guided tours to general public and special programs which are free to residents of Dupage County.
It's actually more of a farm and it's free.  My kids enjoyed it.  There are common farm animals as well as an old train to explore the exterior of.


Books and Supplies
This is a non-profit book dispository in Glen Ellyn.  They have some wonderful textbooks, workbooks, reference, and reading books to choose from depending on when you go.  All books are free, but according to rules, may not be sold.
Helen Plum Library in Lombard
They have the largest parent/teacher shelf I've seen at any library, as well as hundreds of reproducible workbooks and unit studies (including many of my favorite, Teacher Created Materials).  Also many free education dvds and videos.
This library has a resource center especially for homeschoolers.  You can check out microscopes, Saxon Math, and so many other useful items.  A great way to preview something before buying.  Even though it's about an hour from Chicago, it's well worth visiting.

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