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QURAN  5x week

We try to do Quran first thing every morning after breakfast.  I encourage my daughter to read the surah she is trying to memorize three times in the morning and twice before bed.  She then recites to me so I can see how far she's gotten.  She also uses  to help with pronounciation.  Currently shes memorizing Surah al-Inshiqaq. 

I have my son repeat the surah after me until he can say it alone.  Dh usually works with him, though. 


ISLAMIC STUDIES 3-5x per week

For Islamic Studies we are currently using the IQRA primary grade workbooks.  Last year we used KG curriculum and they learned of Prophets Adam through Ibrahim.  We will inshallah continue to study 1 Prophet a month and supplement with Susan Douglas' curriculum. 


ARABIC  5x per week

After Quran is Arabic.  With my 6yr old daughter we are using Uhibbul Arabiyya (I Love Arabic).  It can be found at  We are in book one, she's already done most of it, but we are going over it again for reinforcement.  She writes the vocabulary words 5x and I encourage her to use the words in a sentence.  Uhibbul Arabiyya features children as the main characters and is brightly illustrated.  It was highly recommended to us by an arabic language teacher with 20yrs of experience.  It starts out with simple vocabulary  in the first half of the book and progresses to basic sentences.  We'll probably switch to the Medina Program when she is older inshallah.  My son is still learning the alphabet.  He knows a decent amount of vocabulary words.  I plan to use Yassarunal Quran to teach him how to read arabic.  


MATH    5x week

We use both Saxon Math and Singapore Math.  I believe they both have certain strengths and weaknesses.  I have written a review of kindergarten and 1st grade versions.  My daughter has completed Saxon 1 and is currently working her way through Singapore 1.  Inshallah we expect to start Saxon 2 in November or December.  My son has completed the KG Saxon and is working his way through PreK Singapore.  Inshallah he'll do Saxon 1st grade sometime this year. 


READING    3x week

This is one of the few aspects in which we have disregarded the recommendation from WTM.  They don't recommend any textbook for reading, just living books and narrations.  My kids learned to read with the distar method, using Teach Your Child to Read with 100 Easy Lessons.  Dh and I were so impressed with their methods we are still using Seigfried Englemanns books for reading instruction.  Reading Mastery is one of the classroom versions of TYCTR.  I believe it very superior to typical reading texts.  There is a lot of science and classical literature included, as well as comprehension exercises rather than endless phonics work.  My daughter is in Reading Mastery III.  These books are too expensive to buy from the publisher, but I've found them free in book dispositories and relatively inexpensive on ebay.

My son is halfway through TYCTR.  He knows his letter sounds  and is able to sound out and spell three letter words, but hes not interested in going beyond that right now.  So we just read the Bob books and play games from Games for Reading by Peggy Kaye.


SCIENCE        2-3x per week

As mentioned before, we follow the recommendations of the Well-Trained Mind .  The authors recommend the following schedule for grades 1-4:


1st grade- Human body, Animals

2nd grade-Earth Science and Astronomy

3rd grade-Chemistry

4th grade-Physics


This schedule is then repeated in later grades.  My oldest is doing 2nd grade now, so we are currently studying earth science.  My favorite resources for this are the Dorling Kindersley books.  We are using as the spine.  We also use many books from the Lets Read and Find Out series.  My son does the same science schedule as his sister, however they don't always do the same activities/worksheets connected with the topic.


HISTORY  2x per week

For history we currently use Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer.  There are sample chapters to read on the authors website.  Its the only history text I've found which tells the story of history on the level of young grade school children.  My kids really enjoy the activities found in the activity guide.    WTM gives following schedule for history:


Ancients 5000BC-400AD

Medievel/Early Renaissance 400-1600

Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850

Modern 1800-present


We have followed this format so far, but I did first introduce Adam (as) and the Prophets up to Ibrahim (as) using the IQRA curriculum.  Islam is skimmed over as in most history texts, but we will inshallah supplement with Susan Douglas Islamic Studies curriculum, and other resources.  The History of Islam by Akbar Shah Najeebadi is an excellent resource that we plan to use in later years.  Inshallah when I formulate a comprehensive schedule for Islamic history I will share it. 






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