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Assalaam alaikum fellow muslim homeschoolers, and welcome to all other guests. 


 I created this website to share ideas and resources from our homeschool, with like-minded homeschoolers, muslim homeschoolers in particular.  Here you'll be able to find recommendations for books, websites, and  products to enhance your homeschool.  I hope that this site can be an important resource in educating our children!  For more info on our day to day homeschooling experience see my on-line journal

My name is Rashida (or umaasiya).  I have three children 6, 4, and 2.  The eldest two are homeschooled using  The Well-Trained Mind as a guide.  We add arabic and Islamic Studies to the recommendations in WTM.  I believe you'll find this site especially helpful if you are homeschooling using 'classical' methods.  There will be features, such as Islamic stories, homeschooling news, and crafts ideas of interest all types of homeschoolers.  I don't believe that any 'method' is best, and I applaud anyone teaching their child themselves.     


Please offer any suggestions that you'd like to see!
You can e-mail me at: